“Ann is an incredibly skilled sustainable design and building consultant. Her organizational and facilitation skills are extraordinary, and it is always a great pleasure working with her. I simply cannot say enough about Ann’s talents and industry contributions.”

— Steven Winter CEO,
Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
former chairman, USGBC and former co-chair,
LEED for Homes Committee

“Ann is a true leader in the green building movement, demonstrating integrity and commitment to environmental stewardship while also possessing a keen understanding of the marketplace and the value of pragmatic approaches to market transformation. Ann is intelligent, well spoken, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. Her participation in any organization would be sure to make it stronger.”

— Dan Harrington LEED GA
Vice President, Product Development, EcoTimber

“Ann is one of the top sustainable design experts in the field. Few have her depth of experience, knowledge and perspective. In addition to her background and expertise, Ann is a pleasure to work with.”

— Steve Glenn, CEO, LivingHomes

“Ann helped us understand the mindset of the building community and the impact of our product innovation on their world. The process of working with Design AVEnues was quick and efficient as we learned how to convert our product attributes into real-world benefits for our customers.”

— Lee Caswell Founder & CMO, Pivot3 Inc.

“Great class! A great presenter is personable, has a quick sense of humor, knows the material, and tells stories. Check check check check.”

— Pete Gang, Common Sense Architecture

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a real difference for us in healing our house. You referred us to excellent people to do the work, and your insight and direction were critical to the success of making the house environmentally healthy and stable.”

— Annette Walker

“In Energy Free, Ann Edminster brings her wisdom and clarity to the issue of net-zeroenergy homes. With so much attention beingpaid to energy savings and reduction of carbon emissions, we need a book like this that helps us sort through the confusing technologies, claims, and economics to create homes that are better for the planet and better for your budget.”

— Alex Wilson, Founder and Executive Editor,
BuildingGreen, LLC

“I was impressed by the depth of Ann’s knowledge and the ease with which she was able to talk to any question from the field. Her sense of humor kept things lively.”

— Roger Evje, general contractor/construction management

“I have worked closely with Ann to build what is currently the highest point count LEED Platinum new home construction in the US. In collaboration with her, we were able to identify how to improve things and achieve Platinum without increasing project costs. Ann is not only a fountain of knowledge, she also is smart enough to tap into her vast network of green building contacts when she needs to.”

— Diego Fonstad, Founder, TheraOne

“We are attempting to build the highest LEED rated house in the country. Ann has opened up all of the relationships that we’ve used throughout the project. She is helping to make this a significant – and hopefully very meaningful – endeavor that other people will emulate. I give her full credit for that. Ann speaks very authoritatively, not just about green building, but about construction in general.”

— Paul Holland, Partner Foundation Capital

“Ann’s presentation at EEBA was outstanding! The value to the marketplace is huge, especially for change agents who have embraced net zero thinking and need more tools to help educate others.”

— Dan Varvais, Bayer Material Science (Covestro)

“Ann Edminster is one of those professionals who has been ahead of the curve for years. If your intention is to be at the proven cutting edge of the green building wave instead of just trying to keep up, Ann will give you the knowledge you need.”

— Marjory Gentsch Education Chairperson
USGBC – Balcones Chapter