Tri-County Regional Energy Network |

Supporting the 3C-REN team with research, analysis, and workforce education program development, from identifying potential untapped audiences and their needs, to developing entirely new, targeted, education offerings with expert instructors.

IECC 2024 Residential Consensus Committee |

Working with a group of allied organizations to rapidly advance the International Energy Conservation Code towards zero net emissions.

State of California ZNE Research Gap Analysis |

With Itron, Inc., and New Buildings Institute, developed the stakeholder research component for the California Energy Commission research on technology investments needed to advance the State towards its climate goals. (Report here)

Residential Electrification and Resiliency |

Consulting on home retrofit projects with homeowners, architects, and builders; identifying multi-benefit solutions, convening expert teams, and resolving complex project-specific challenges.

“Ann has a passion for understanding buildings and the ways that they – and we – can lighten the load placed on our Earth. She wants to help improve the way we design, build and run our homes. Ann’s personal and professional commitment shines through in all of her work.”

– Peter Yost, Vice President, Technical Services Building Green, LLC