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Solving Shelter

February 16, 2022._Petaluma, CA, USA._(CRISSY PASCUAL/ARGUS-COURIER STAFF)

The City of Petaluma, where I live, just declared a shelter crisis.

This is in California, the 5th largest economy in the world — and the largest sub-national economy. Petaluma is not unique in having this problem; it’s all but ubiquitous. We’re doing something very wrong, and it’s shameful — but it’s not inevitable. There are shining examples of cities that have taken effective measures to ensure the availability of affordable, livable, and desirable housing for virtually every income level. Here’s a quick, inspiring read on what needs to happen to fix our housing problems. There’s more about Vienna here, and more about Helsinki here.

Let’s start conversations with our city officials about taking more effective actions to address this social problem that affects us all!

International Finance Corporation and Architecture 2030 Collaborate on Zero Net Carbon Buildings for the developing world.

A fishing village just a few years ago, Shenzhen is now a megacity. Photo: YoTuT

Architecture 2030 once again demonstrates international leadership with this new partnership.

Architecture 2030 and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, have partnered to support the international architecture and building community in designing zero net carbon (ZNC)buildings worldwide.

IFC created the EDGE program, a green building certification system with free online software for emerging markets. As part of the partnership, EDGE software has been enhanced to include carbon reporting, as well as recognition for the procurement of off-site renewable energy and carbon offsets.

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