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PH2: PHenomenal Passive House CA’s “Building Carbon Zero California”

Campers, this has been an extremely busy week or so for Northern California greenies, and it’s got me on a “squared” jag (see last post on BW2) …

Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in Passive House California’s “Building Carbon Zero California” at the delightful Cocoanut Grove Ballroom in rockin’ Santa Cruz.

This is another event not to be missed next year (or sooner?!). Headliners were Alex Wilson of Building Green Inc. and the Resilient Design Institute (RDI), and Nick Grant of the UK Passivehaus Trust. Other speakers included a great selection of impressive Passive House designers, builders, and analysts — and I finally got to visit Midori House during the sundowner tour. It’s every bit as gorgeous and inspiring as I expected!

Midori House energy use before & after

Midori House energy use before & after

Passive House CA founder, consultant and consummate mover-shaker Bronwyn Barry — a driving force behind this phenomenal event — invited me to close the day by offering my opinion (always a favorite request!) on a range of building certification regimes: Passive House (naturally), LEED, Living Building Challenge, Net Zero, and GreenPoint Rated. Curious to know what I think? I’ll be happy to share my slide deck! (Click here for slides: PHCA-SantaCruz-25Mar2014)

Ann Edminster at Building Carbon Zero Monterey Bay

BW2: Brilliant Weekend @ BuildWell 2014

120 green building leaders and innovators in the built environment gathered last weekend at BuildWell 2014 in Sausalito, CA. Kudos to Ecological Building Network‘s Bruce King, co-producer Sarah King, and their dedicated band of volunteers for producing a brilliant event. The speaker line-up included keynotes from Architecture 2030‘s Ed Mazria, science wiz John Warner from the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, and ecological footprint creator Mathis Wackernagel of the Global Footprint Network — visionaries all.

Highlights — besides the keynotes — included talks by at least two dozen inspiring individuals. Organizations represented included the USGBC, International Living Future Institute, Healthy Building Network, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, the US EPA, University of San Francisco, University of Santa Clara, BuildingGreen Inc., Gensler, Arup, Webcor Builders, Pankow Blue, and a host of other leading AEC firms.

Hosted at the gorgeous Cavallo Point resort (a star in its own right), this intimate meeting of the minds was the antithesis of the Greenbuild crush, where you’re lucky to spend 90 seconds with your favorite gurus. With most of the participants staying on premises, there were countless impromptu meetings and gabfests on porches, in hallways, and by the firepits.

Invite yourself to BW16 — sign up for the mailing list at

Better yet, join the organizing team or become a sponsor for this exclusive event!


BuildWell 2014 Attendees at Cavallo Point, March 22, 2014


World SB14 Barcelona Conference, Oct. 28-30, 2014

World SB14 Barcelona, October 28-30, 2014

World SB14 Barcelona, October 28-30, 2014

World SB14 Barcelona

World SB14 Barcelona

The World SB[Sustainable Building]14 Barcelona Conference has announced the opening of the call for papers; SB Challenge 2014; and the Universities Competition, “Powering Transformation.” Please visit for full details. HouseTalk’s Ann Edminster will be serving on the conference’s Scientific Committee.

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Habitat X 2013 Summer National Conference

Come Join us at Habitat X

Tuesday, July 30, through Friday, August 2, 2013

Just for HouseTalk readers, Super Early Bird registration has been extended until April 22nd.

Trainer-par-excellence Chris Dorsi writes:

The most common comment I hear from people who have attended the Habitat X Conferences is that the solid network of colleagues is the most important reason to attend. People who attend these events often end up collaborating with others in attendance throughout the year, whether to ask questions, share ideas, or transact business. The “network” — that big connected set of professionals who work in your field — is now more critical to everyone’s personal and professional success that it has ever been in the past.
We’d like to help keep that collaboration alive. And there is no better way to collaborate than to be in the same room with like-minded professionals. The agenda for Summer National this year is designed to maximize the professional connection among attendees. Here’s what we’re committed to this summer:


  • We’ve built an interactive element into each session. You’ll get to participate in some way in every workshop or class.
  • We’ve built in social events every evening so you can connect with everyone in both professional and casual formats.
  • We’re building a new collaborative platform — Habitat X 3.0 — that will be launched at the Summer National Conference.
And there are of course the expert facilitators and presenters that make these events so powerful: Ann Edminster, Ben Cichowski, J West, Gary Klein, David Brown, Kevin Beck, Bill Spohn, Don MacOdrum, Alex Glenn, and others. This will be an amazing event.
Phone: 406.439.8659

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