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Published on May 02, 2019

Here’s a sampling of some of the great happenings out there in the big wide (and ever-expanding) world of energy efficiency, zero carbon, and green.

DOE Launches Home Improvement Expert

DOE’s Building America program has a new resource called Home Improvement Expert, developed to help homeowners with energy-related home improvements by using 21 individual home improvement checklists. These can be attached to vendor contracts to help ensure quality work and help vendors be more competitive. This is important because research shows energy-related home improvements are significantly non-compliant with industry best practices concerning performance and savings.

More information on the checklists is available on the DOE website.

Meritage’s CR Herro My Latest Hero

Quoted in Builder Online magazine, Herro makes several points that I frequently rant about in my classes and talks:
  1. We need to fix how valuations are done to capture the benefits of above-code energy features
  2. Getting to zero is about figuring out how to spend your budget wisely
  3. Roofs need to get simpler to reduce cost and better accommodate solar arrays
  4. Educating the value chain is key to success
  5. “It’s much better to be your own disruptor than to have disruption done to you.” Well said!!

Thanks to RMI’s Bruce Nilles and NYT writer Justin Gillis for this excellent article on why electrification makes sense — including giving up your gas stove! Kudos!

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