“Ann Edminster is one of those professionals who has been ahead of the curve for years. If your intention is to be at the proven cutting edge of the green building wave instead of just trying to keep up, Ann will give you the knowledge you need.”

– Marjory Gentsch
Education Chairperson
United States GBC, Balcones Chapter

Capacity-building for professional firms & startups

Professional firms entering the green building arena – architects,

builders, developers, others – face an overwhelming array of
new information and options. Ann indentifies cost-effective

green building practices, helping them introduce those

practices successfully into their organizations, and develop

strategic relationships in the green building community to

ensure their ongoing success.


Ann advised LivingHomes prior to and during their startup

phase on key relationships, materials, and strategies; facilitated

critical introductions; conducted design charrettes; advised on

business development; and provided on-call advice on green
building business challenges.

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“Ann is an incredibly skilled sustainable design and building consultant. Her organizational and facilitation skills are extraordinary, and it is always a great pleasure working with her. I simply cannot say enough about Ann’s talents and industry contributions.”

– Steven Winter
CEO, Steven Winter Associates, Inc.
former chairman, USGBC
and former co-chair, LEED for Homes Committee

Workshop/charrette facilitation

Successful green projects require cross-disciplinary

coordination and understanding. Ann plans and facilitates

integrated design workshops, LEED project meetings,

and pre-construction trades trainings, ensuring the

successful execution of a project from start to finish, and

clearly articulating the roles, responsibilities, and critical

interactions of all team members. Ann is qualified as an

Enterprise Green Communities Initiative facilitator.


Ann organizes and leads charrettes for dozens of

high-performance projects – urban, rural, new, and remodels.

These include single- and multi-family projects across the

economic spectrum. Clients include production home builders,

Silicon Valley executives, Bay Area developers, modular/prefab

home companies, and others in California and beyond.

“We are attempting to build the highest GreenPoint and LEED rated house in the country. Ann has opened up all of the relationships that we’ve used throughout the project. She is helping to make this a significant – and hopefully very meaningful - endeavor that other people will emulate. I give her full credit for that. Ann speaks very authoritatively, not just about green building, but about construction in general.”

– Paul Holland, Partner
Foundation Capital

Green home design & construction coaching, LEED certification

Whether you are building a green home or seeking LEED

certification for the first time, an experienced personal guide

is essential. Ann provides expert navigational assistance,

backed by a suite of custom-developed templates and tools.

Ann has an unparalleled history with LEED for Homes. She

opens doors to an international network of experts on every

facet of green building, from energy efficiency to sustainably

harvested wood to photovoltaics.


Ann’s projects typically earn LEED for Homes Platinum

certification and often win other awards and distinctions.

Many are “highest” and “first” LEED projects in their communities

or categories. Additional goals and certifications frequently include

Energy Star, Indoor AirPlus, Living Building Challenge, Sustainable SITES, GreenPoint Rated, net-zero energy, and zero fossil fuels.

“Ann helped us understand the mindset of the building community and the impact of our product innovation on their world. The process of working with Design AVEnues was quick and efficient as we learned how to convert our product attributes into real-world benefits for our customers.”

– Lee Caswell
Founder & CMO, Pivot3 Inc.

Green product analysis & positioning

Many green product claims are less than accurate, some

deceptively so, or are simply vague as to the product’s green

qualities. Ann helps manufacturers and vendors view

their products through the eyes of green builders and

specifiers. She helps decode LEED requirements, craft

accurate and credible product positioning, and create

successful marketing strategies.


Bayer commissioned Ann to do a comprehensive analysis of

their foam insulation products from a green perspective and

advise on ways to improve both the products and the company’s

communications about LEED contributions. She provided

insights on the needs and priorities of green building

professionals and identified opportunities to reach

decision-makers in the green building community.

“Ann is a true leader in the green building movement, demonstrating integrity and commitment to environmental stewardship while also possessing a keen understanding of the marketplace and the value of pragmatic approaches to market transformation. Ann is intelligent, well spoken, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. Her participation in any organization would be sure to make it stronger. ”

– Dan Harrington
LEED GA, Vice President, Product Development, EcoTimber

Program & product development

Developing new programs and products for the green building

community requires in-depth insight and deep experience rooted

in the industry. Ann brings two decades of experience, extensive

research, and thousands of relationships worldwide to the

creation of successful programs ranging from LEED for Homes to new

prefab home designs to new software developed to support the green

building industry.


Ann chaired the development of LEED for Homes for the

U.S. Green Building Council. She has worked on implementing

and refining the program and supporting tools continuously since

the program’s inception. Ann recently served as a key consultant

on the development of the LEED for Homes Scoring Tool.

“Ann is a true leader in the green building movement.”